Flame Rod

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  • product name:Flame Rod 5mm
  • Input Voltage:16 kv minlmum
  • Voltage Range: 16~28KV
  • Circumstanes temperature : -100 'C to 1350'C
  • origin: TaiWan
  • Applications: burner system needs a spark to light
Flame Rod
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  • 5mm-flame-rod (9)
  • 5mm-flame-rod (9)
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  • A flame rod, igniter or spark rod is typically constructed with an electrode at the center, usually covered with a ceramic insulator for protection and insulation.
  • The flame rod generates a micro current when exposed to a flame that is transferred back to the flame monitor to prove that a flame is present.
  • The end of the flame rod which is within the path of the flame is produced from a material designed for higher temperatures.

    Let us help you maintain your burner parts and combustion equipment inventory. If you can't find the size you need, don't hesitate to contact us directly.
  • Having a high quality igniter, spark rod and flame rod is essential in every combustion system. Making sure that you have a regular supply of the right type - whether for commercial or industrial burner applications is critical.
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