Hope MO-50

HOPE LV-1/2 | オリフィス流量計
  • Orifice Flow Valveオリフィス流量計: Hope MO-50 | オリフィス流量計
  • รุ่นType: MO-50(HOPE MO-50)
  • Material: Cast iron, S.t.l steel plate inline
  • Size: 2", RC2", DN50
  • Applications: The Hope MO orifice type the flow rate of fuel gas which is supplied to the burner.It is used to set the appropriate combustion capacity and air ratio.
  • ยี่ห้อBrand: Hope
  • Made in Japan
  • HOPE LV-1/2 | オリフィス流量計 (1)
  • Hope MO orifice Flow Valve Specification
  • HOPE LV-1/2 | オリフィス流量計 (2)
  • HOPE LV-1/2 | オリフィス流量計 (3)
  • HOPE LV-1/2 | オリフィス流量計 (4)

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