shuttle kiln autocontrol

detailed product description:shuttle kiln autocontrol

the left shuttle kiln is autocontrol and designed and manufactured after optimization by broadly absorbing the foreign advanced equipment-making technology and referring to the specific conditions of sanitary wares. it has the following characteristics:

1. by open firing under naked fire, the combustion product gets in touch with the products fired directly, with high thermal exchange rate and uniform firing.

2. all-fiber heat insulating materials of high thermal resistance and low heat accumulation are taken as the refractory materials, which create the fast temperature rising and temperature drop, good insulating performance, low external temperature of the kiln, and less removal of heat.

3. the full-automatic control system enables the flexible operation and large margin for regulation, and can fire various products of different sizes in one kiln. besides, with the air/fuel ratio regulator, pulse executor, auto igniter, the flame monitor and the programmable pulse controller for multi-spot temperatures, it realizes the control for the high-speed burner, achieves the predetermined firing effect, and reduces the overburning and underburning of products under the auto control for kiln press and combustion air pressure.